Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Well my dear sister/accountability partner/blog stalker Kara, has done her job and informed me how much of a slacker I am on my blog. So here we go...

The newest addition to our brood, Kenny, is doing awesome. He's working his butt off catching up at school and making everyone very proud of him! He is on track to move up to his Sophomore year without any bumps in the unforseen road! He started out the semester 3 months behind, and in only 2 months has done FIVE months of coursework, which his principal has informed me is significantly more than any of the other students they have! We are so proud of him and he is just such an amazing kid!

Our little Madi Moo starts Kindergarten in August, which her mommy is NOT taking well. It has gone by much too fast. Just the other day I was taking her for checkups because of her bilirubin levels when she was one week next week I am registering her for school. I really can't want it... But she's amazing! She's so smart, so sweet, and she is such a people person. I love watching her with her friends at church and Gymnastics. Such a sweet baby girl! Speaking of gymnastics, her first meet is May 21st. She is so excited about it! They have been working on a routine and she has it DOWN! She's so proud to show off her "tricks" to everyone, I hope everyone makes it! She still remembers her big cousin's first recital and how special that was for her, so I know she has her hopes up. I hope it goes exactly how she wants it to!

Derek and I are just busy loving our household! I am still in school way too much way too often and Derek is being an amazing blessing to all of us. He can play Mr Mom, Dad, employee and best friend to me with what seems to be no effort on his part, but we all know is such an amazing feat! All 3 of us are so blessed to have him as our leader of our household and God has given us so much just by giving us him!!! This is the week before finals for me so of course I caught some kind of cold, and JUST got over E-coli. I think from now on I will start antibiotics, anti-virals and steroids the week before finals every semester. I'm sick of being sick!!!!!!!!!

Okay Mrs. Anderson, lovely Kara, my stalker/nemesis/idol, do I pass???


  1. I am satisfied, thank you. Love how you used the word "brood".... why am I associating it with Twilight??

  2. Because my entire life somehow intertwines with Twilight. I considered using "coven" that bad?